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Ramadan Competition Prize Giving

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Please note that couples who wish to be married should first obtain a marriage license from a Japanese registry office.

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Scenes from Eid al-Fitr 2009




We praise and give thanks to Allah . By His Mercy we purchased the property on March 31st. 2006.

The First Prayer

We received the keys to the Center on Friday 3/31. Dr. Awad Shamma gave the first call to prayer at Asr, and the prayer was lead by Brother Mazumder Kabir.

Official Opening Ceremony, 1st Rabiul-Thani, 1427

Asr Prayer, Quran recitation, Supplication, Maghrib Prayer and Dinner at Cha Cha Indian Restaurant

First Friday Prayer, 5th. May, 2006, 7th. Rabiul-Thani, 1427

Jumah Prayer, and Lecture by Shaykh Wagdy Ghonem


On Friday May 2nd. our Special Guest Speaker was Dr. Raghib Elsergany, Prof., Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Chairman, Civilization Center for Historical Studies, Cairo. He gave an informative lecture on Islamic history in the world of science, and mentioned some important historical discoveries by Muslim scientists which are not generally known. Dr. Raghib is the Supervisor of Islam Story Website, one of the largest Arabic websites on Islamic History. (English) (Arabic)

We recommend that you visit these sites. There is much translation work to be done. In the future it is hoped that the complete Arabic site will be available in English, Spanish, Chinese and of course Japanese, and Dr. Raghib has requested our help with this noble project.



Listening to Brother Teguh's Lecture with slide


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