Dear brothers and sisters,

as Salam alaykom wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh,

As we announced over the past several weeks, we are still short of money to cover the costs of repairing the damages caused by the earthquake in 2018/6/18. Let us take advantage of those blessed days before they are over and donate very generously.

(For details see the pictures below)

*** REQUIRED: 1.7 Million yen ***

Cost of partial repairs (unsafe regions only): 3.9 Million yen
Insurance coverage: 2.25 Million yen
Cash in hand as of today: 1.1 Million yen (your monthly donations)

The cash in hand is needed for running the regular activities and for emergencies. It keeps fluctuating based on monthly expenses. For that reason, I am calling to raise the whole amount not covered by insurance, so that mosque activities keep running using the cash in hand.

Signing the contract with the repair company will occur next Monday 8/20. We have to be prepared!

Jazakom Allah khairan and early Eid Mubarak!

wa as Salam alaykom wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh

MUFG bank information

Bank name: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (MUFG)


Branch name: Ibaraki West


Account type: Normal


Account number: 145564

Account name: Osaka Ibaraki Mosque


JP bank information


JP bank information


** Transfer from a JP account:

Account number: 14090-34979761

ユウゲンセキニンチユウカンホウジンイスラ - ムブンカセンター


** Transfer from outside a JP account:

Bank name: Japan Post Bank


Branch name: 408


Account type: Normal


Account number: 3497976

Account name:

ユウゲンセキニンチユウカンホウジンイスラ - ムブンカセンター








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